Projecting the true essence of you and what you do on camera, is sooooooooo powerful.

Many people shy away from being on camera, and we understand why, but nothing sells better than people knowing the personality behind the product or service and the story behind it which is you.

You are your greatest selling asset and the words or voices of your clients.

This is why we are all for supporting you to get you camera ready.

What can we do:

  • Give you pointers, not a script to give you direction on what to say.
  • Be there with you in person or virtually to record and guide you through the process, giving constructive feedback to work with
  • Offer ideas of when, where, and how to shoot your back story video.
  • Provide editing where needed if shooting your own material.
  • Provide you with full-on production and edits to make your back story tailored, professional, and unique to you.

We only do real

We only focus on what comes from you, from within you, that projects out of you

Be proud to be you in everything you do.

Budget options

Zoom edits are the cheapest way to go or mobile phone recordings which we can assist with prompts on how best to make it consistent and true to your brand and you.

We also offer full professional production at our studio, on location, or in the comfort of your own abode.

We work to your budget, then address what best suits your need.