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Websites are a very important reference tool for your business!  Many people think having a Business Page or Account on social media platform(s) is enough…


Do you know how many searches did Google get daily in 2021?

Summary: Google Search Statistics 2021

3.5 billion searches


Source:  Oberlohttps://www.oberlo.com › blog › google-search-statistics

Do you still, think having a Business Page(s) on social media is enough?

Having a website that links to Google Ads and Google My Business is a hugely powerful concoction for online success.

If you do not have a website, you could be seen as an amateur business.  You may be found.

So, how are you generating custom?  Is it working for you?  Where do you look if you are trying to find a business online?

There is not a uniformed approach here.  What you do as a service or business rates differently on where and how people view your content, but the fact remains most people when looking for a product or service to buy will still choose a search engine than looking through social media business pages.

Websites do not need to cost the world…

If you do not have the budget for an all singing and dancing website such as ours don’t worry.  Depending on your business you may find that a simple landing page would work like magic for you.

Find out today to discuss how you can create an affordable website unique to you today.