N.I.P Life was a heart-warming project we worked on, it was a truly personal approach to insurance and a real need to want to Nurture, Insure and Protect people and that is how we cam up with the name.  The choice of using animals was a way to depict the seriousness of a situation without depressing people in a time where people were living in the height of fear through the pandemic.

The consistent theme and message throughout this brand were one that cared, as a result, Mara our very own creative writer decided to affiliate their services with her health and fitness company as she was moved by their message and approach to business.

This business lies pretty much dormant at present due to the owner’s attention being pulled in different directions, but we hope to get back to this one, as we have a great marketing strategy here for depicting animals in human situations related to the various insurance offered to really engage the emotions of the viewer.  Watch this space.

What the owners of NIP Life have to say:

“Honestly the site, the company name, and the imagery, and concepts that are lined up have blown us away.  Chris and Maria are a brilliant Yin and Yang duo.  They really go above to respect and understand your thoughts and feelings.  They really listen and have a unique way of translating the message you want to develop online.  We have been astounded by the time they dedicate and the attention and level to details they strategize.  We will definitely be progressing with them once we are in a position to proceed.”

Nip life insurance