Maria Fenn

This was a nice easy one!  I designed the logo, and Chris the layout.  I just wanted a really simple landing page.  I no longer take on clients for PT and Treatments, but I do like to keep a hand in and help people.  I did not require a full-blown singing and dancing website.  I just wanted something that referenced what I am capable of doing in case I found myself having free time – Ha!

Personally, I love the logo it represents growing from seed through all the challenges to a fully-fledged confident woman at the age of 43 (I like to take my time).  The logo represents growth, confidence, and grounding. The words are my own, and all imagery and training edits shot choreographed and edited by myself.

What I think about our services:

“I am a perfectionist, so I will evolve if needed, but it does the job for what I want now.”