Magical Story Elves

The Magical Story Elves – Simply such a fun and pleasurable project to be ongoingly involved in.

Much like MTGE, we have been involved right from the very start.  We frequently do photography at each event to assist in maximizing this rapidly growing business to the max.  We provide all visual and written content and are the main drivers along with the owners of all marketing strategies to fully optimize the business.

We look forward to continuing our magical story elf adventure further 😊

What The Magical Story Elves have to say (translated from Elvish to English)

“We had an absolutely fab time working with Chris and Maria, they are both so creative and fun to deal with. They are an inspiration to their trade, we knew from the first time we chatted through ideas with them, that they knew exactly the fun and vibrant brand we were trying to create.”

Magical Story elves Branding
Magical story elves branding and design