Did you know?

Adverts placed on the Google Display Network reach up to 90% of internet users.

(WordStream, 2020)


96% of brands are spending money on Google Ads.

(State of PPC 2019/2020, 2019)


Powerful stats right?


Google is an absolute power tool for getting your business in front of potential leads…

Once again, we are here to weave our magic, and make sure that we make your business shine online!


We created 2 solutions:


Option 1: Designed for people who are new to Google Ads and Google My Business (GMB) based.  Our online mentoring session allows for you to truly pick up the tricks in the trade and manager your own Google Business account to its full potential, this package is designed with new business start-ups in mind who are looking to gain potential business leads on a budget.  Click here to enquire about our online mentoring system.


Option 2:  This option allows for you to sit back and let the experts at 1440 media to use our creative magic and make you from invisible to visible online. Giving us full access and control over your GMB account Google Ad words and advertising through Googles platform.  Each month you will receive a monthly analytical report so we can track what is working for you and your business together.


Creatively designed with our customers at the forefront of our mind


Like all of our Creative Design Systems we work with your budget.  At the end of your monthly subscription you can choose to add on or change a service to suit your business’s growing needs.