A brave bold project that we have been again right at the start of the design concept phase for.  We came up with the name 4-H to symbolize the meaning 4-Humanity.  Every project is very much with a human development focus for the great of good.  This start-up company had some fantastic ideas to really change the affordability of housing to make it accessible for full homeownership to the masses.  Unfortunately, their effort to try and get the government on board to support the project, with an aim to help reduce the risk of people becoming homeless as a result of the pandemic has not yet come to fruition.

This project to us had true passion and meaning in today’s society, and we deeply wish that this gets noticed and supported.  We put a lot of time in for free in the initial stages we believed that this could really help the world as a concept.  However, until the world takes a turn this is sadly a project on hold waiting to find an investor with a heart.


What 4-H has to say about our services:

“We could not ask for anymore.  Both Chris and Maria instantly connected with the project and drove it forward with such passion.  They were instrumental in writing our business plans and constructing and writing a PDF which was then sent to the housing minister.  They invested their time without charge out of a will and belief to want to make the world of housing a more accessible place for people on a low income.  You just don’t find people like Maria and Chris every day.  They are people with a will to truly want to make a difference in life not just with words and websites but with a real heart for humanity. Thank you.”